It costs 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace them if they leave.

Do you know which of your employees are at risk, or have a plan to address the overwhelming challenges companies now face with recruiting and retaining top talent?

Workforce EQ is a unique, immersive employee retention assessment that gets to truth of what your employees are thinking and feeling.

This simple and effective service developed by M3 Placement & Partnership takes the uncertainties out of your employee retention, talent acquisition, and human resource struggles, and puts in place a custom action plan to address many of the challenges businesses are facing today.

Discover your Workforce EQ to:

  1. Improve employee retention by uncovering what's not coming up in engagement surveys and internal meetings
  2. Identify potential gaps in HR and recruitment/retention strategy
  3. Implement a system designed specifically to help you meet the challenges of today



Discover Your Workforce EQ


3 out of 4 employee resignations could have been prevented
(Work Institute, 2020)


Among executives who leave their company, 70% were voluntary (MRA, 2021)


Each resignation can cost a company up to a third of the worker's annual salary
(SHRM, 2019)

Workforce EQ elements (1)

Proven Process. Clear Solution. Dedicated Partner.


Now is the time for you to set your organization apart and show your employees that you want to understand and make the changes necessary to retain your valued associates. You need customized answers and personalized solutions to tackle the challenges of today's new working environments. Unfortunately, those can’t be found in the pages of a general guidebook or generic toolkit. Avoid the leadership fatigue of dealing with the latest unprecedented issue alone and turn to a team with diverse expertise and a comprehensive set of recruitment and retention solutions.